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At Star Finance we provide you with the best mortgage services in Aspley because we know it’s hard to enjoy your new home if you’re worrying about meeting repayments or wondering whether you got the best rate. That’s why you can trust us to find and compare all available loans and rates, and present you with the right mortgage to suit your circumstances, whether it’s your first home or your fifth.

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  • What Are Low Doc Loans

    Low-documentation or low-doc loans are for people - generally the self-employed - who have difficulty getting the documentation together that is required to get a traditional home loan. Low-doc loans differ from another relatively new loan in the marketplace that is also gaining popularity - non-conforming loans (See article: What is a non-conforming loan?) Low-doc loans have become very popular over the past few years and industry figures state they comprise around 10 per cent of all mortgage l ...

  • The True Cost Of Refinancing

    Fees charged by your current lender Discharge fees Exit fees (These now only apply to fixed rates and loans entered into before July 2011) Registration fees Fees charged by your new lender Application fees Valuation fees Settlement fees Legal fees Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, even if you’ve paid it for your current lender For those living in VIC, NSW, TAS, WA or SA, in some cases stamp duty will need to be paid on the new mortgage. Estimates about the cost of refinancing vary ...

  • Should I Refinance If I'm Renovating?

    Refinancing to renovate is another popular reason why borrowers leave their current lenders for greener pastures. There are a number of loans available for those refinancing for renovations: construction home loans and line of credit home loans. A construction loan is more appropriate for structural renovations where serious work is carried out to the home including new piping, wiring, walls or adding a floor to the home. Where smaller, cosmetic renovations are carried out such as the installat ...

  • Why Should I Use A Mortgage Broker For A Low Doc Loan?

    Because of the large variation between lenders it is essential that you talk to an expert to find the best deal for you. In fact, with Low Doc loans there are now basic loan and professional package discounts available from some lenders, just like with Full Doc loans! There are also major differences between lenders in their LMI premiums, application fees and valuation fees that they will waive. This information is not published by lenders, but it is known by mortgage brokers! For a confidenti ...

  • Should I Refinance If I Can't Afford My Mortgage?

    If you have found that you are struggling with your repayments you may not think you are in a position to refinance your mortgage. However if you approach your lender when you first find you are struggling they are likely to do everything they can to avoid you defaulting on your loan. If you find you can’t comfortably meet your mortgage repayments any more you might be able to refinance your loan to extend the term and reduce the payments, or switch to a more basic loan with a lower interest ra ...

  • Should I Refinance For More Flexibility?

    A basic home loan can suit you when you first have a mortgage because it allows you to concentrate on making repayments without being distracted or being charged additional fees. However if you are ready to really take control of your mortgage, you may want more flexibility with a loan with an offset account for example. This will allow you to combine all of your savings and transaction accounts into your home loan account to offset your interest and make sure you pay minimal interest. For a co ...

  • Can I Switch From A Low Doc To A Full Doc Loan?

    Some lenders will allow you to switch to a full doc loan for a small fee after two years of perfect conduct (on time repayments). Some lenders will require full income verification such as tax returns when you want to switch to a full doc loan or if you try to switch when you do not have two years of good conduct. With other lenders there is no need to switch because low doc and full doc loans have the same interest rate. For a confidential discussion about your options call us on (07) 3263 22 ...

  • How Is A Low Doc Loan Different To A Standard Loan?

    The major difference between a low doc loan and a standard home loan is that borrowers are not required to provide the same level of tax returns, financial statements, pay slips or other documentation to prove their savings/credit history, earnings and financial position. Instead they sign a declaration stating their current income, and the lender uses this to process the application. But this does not mean low doc loans are always easier to get; they are in fact generally harder – and they oft ...

  • Should I Refinace To Consolidate My Debts?

    Another popular reason to refinance is to consolidate debts. This may involve adding a car loan, credit card loan or personal loan into your mortgage to take advantage of the lower rate typical of a home loan. While the benefit can mean being able to rapidly pay off your debt, this kind of refinance requires strict discipline. If you roll your credit card debt into your mortgage for example, but then make regular payments, the shorter term debts you consolidated will now be paid off with your m ...

  • Should I Refinance For A Lower Interest Rate?

    It’s no surprise that this is one of the most common reasons why Australians refinance their mortgages, but it’s not always the best. Before you leave your home loan in search of a lower rate, make sure you calculate all of the fees and charges which will be associated with your new loan, as well as comparing the interest rates. Also take into account your current home loan features. If you stand to lose features such as free redraws, branch access, free additional repayments or a 100% offset a ...

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