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Renovation Loans

Need a deck for your old Queenslander or perhaps a new kitchen to entertain at birthdays and Christmas, but you’re worried you might not have enough equity?

Never say never and don’t die wondering.

Star Finance has set scores of families and home owners straight by finding mortgage solutions that allow them to spruce up their tiring old house or build some brand new additions to get the most of their beloved apartment.

There are literally hundreds of mortgages out there on the market offered by many lenders, all with different ways of doing business. The trick is to find the right one for you. At Star Finance we work out of the box and we leave no option overlooked in a constant mission to get the best outcomes for our customers.

Industry laws mean that it is easier than ever to refinance your home. Star Finance staff are experts in this field and we can make sure you get the loan you need to get the renovations done.